by editorialteam

In June 2020 we founded PsychologyJungle with the vision to promote the mental health of everyone. 

We want to support people in dealing with their emotions, constantly changing environmental conditions, the pressure to perform in our society as well as the uncertainty of the future, and to improve their mental health and grow personally. 

In order to achieve our goals, we offer information on the topic of mental health. In addition, we provide you with many psychological exercises, techniques, tips & tricks from therapy as well as psychological coaching. All information you find on our channels is based on publicly available sources as well as scientific studies and is continuously updated to the best of our knowledge and belief. The information provided is for educational and illustrative purposes. The content is not to be understood as a substitute for medical or psychotherapeutic treatments.

We want to become your guide in the jungle of psychology.

Psychological knowledge

Scientifically based articles and trustworthy information help you to get to know your own psyche and yourself better. Because psychological knowledge is the basis for getting to know you and your mental states better and working on it. We provide you with psychological articles, based on current studies and findings, so that you can gain an overview in the jungle of information in psychology.

 Help for self-improvement

We want to enable you to help yourself. To achieve this, we help you to better understand yourself and your environment from a psychological point of view, so that you can independently improve your well-being, your performance and thus your satisfaction. For this purpose we provide you with psychological knowledge and practical tools. These are based on methods of therapy, coaching and performance psychology.

No taboos

Our psyche affects us all. Each of us has better and worse days. We can all work on our mental health to increase our well-being. Dealing with one’s own psyche and working on individual well-being is accompanied by a de-tabooing of mental health and illness. We all experience an advantage when we freely exchange information about our mental state.

No privilege

We would like to give as many people as possible access to psychological knowledge and methods of psychology and to create an awareness of mental health in order to provide more well-being and life satisfaction. Psychological knowledge and access to methods of psychology should not be a privilege, but should be self-evident and accessible to all. Therefore PsychologyJungle is free of charge.


Our team consists of psychologists, therapists, psychologists trained as coaches, educators and philosophers. We hope you enjoy reading and discussing with us and wish you success in promoting and maintaining your mental health and well-being.