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by editorialteam

Mental Health in Performance Situations

A high pressure to perform and a constantly changing environment challenge us on a daily basis, but especially when being on tour for concerts, championships, or important matches. Different sleeping environments, a different diet, changing time zones and no set routines can have a significant impact on our mental health. Consequences, such as a lack of sleep, consuming alcohol or medication, and an increased stress level are just some of the consequences that affect our mental state, our health, and therefore, our performance.

That’s why we need to learn how to take care of ourselves. Especially in high-performance situations, when we tend to lose our minds, become less focused and have to deal with overwhelming feelings that can prevent us from performing at our best.

Get to know your brain and your behavioral patterns better. Learn how to control your thoughts and emotions, how to deal with anxiety and stressful situations. Improve your performance by learning our mental techniques and strategies. 

We make you more powerful than ever.

Our offer applies to individuals, teams, and managers.