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Mental Health in Schools

For years, schools have often lacked resources and teachers. Classes are getting bigger, but there is a lack of staff. These shortcomings are usually compensated for by existing teachers, who are often completely exhausted by the constantly growing workload. In most cases, this also changes the motivation of the teaching staff and the workplace becomes a pure fulfillment of duty – the former enthusiasm is lost and more and more often teachers are diagnosed with burn-out.

However, it is not only the teachers who suffer but also the students. How students deal with the increased stress, how they motivate themselves, how they communicate with each other in an appreciative manner and how they withstand the pressure to perform is rarely part of their education. Yet it is precisely these skills that determine whether students can develop their full potential or fall short of their abilities.

We at Psychology Jungle would like to address this problem before more teachers and students fall ill from exhaustion and overwork and therefore, even more resources disappear. We want to bring the joy of work back into the classroom by strengthening resources instead of burning them.

Our offer applies to students and teachers.